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Sunday, November 4, 2012

معلومات عن ابطل مسلسل هندي ملكة جانسي هما وJaya BhattacharyaSameer Dharmadhikari,Kratika Sengar

Jaya BhattacharyaJaya Bhattacharya : Bollywood Film Actress Pictures 8This Kunti is referred to as a gunda. Known for losing her temper if disturbed in the middle of a shot, it doesn't take long to know why Jaya Bhattacharya has been given this tag (gunda) on the sets of Kahaani Hamaaray Mahaabhaarat Ki.

Ask this actress from Lucknow if there are any more such names and she reveals, "My friends call me Bond or bhai, I am Baba re for dad and Bulbul to the neighbours in Lucknow."

The actress adds, "The day I dress up in a saree, all my friends say 'what's wrong with you, go and get back into your jeans, tu bahut alag lagh rahi hai."

And this actress loves the role of Kunti that she plays in Mahaabhaarat... on the channel 9X. "Kunti was a complete woman. She was strong enough to spend her life as a widow. Her character epitomises inner strength and strong willpower. To put it simply the role is not as easy as it appears."

Very few know that Jaya was also asked to play Ronit Roy's mother in the show Kamal. "Yes, I was offered the role. But then I didn't know who Ronit was. It was only when my co-actor Prashant got Ronit's photo that I saw him. It was the age difference that made me laugh," she confesses.

Frustrated with the kind of work that she has been doing, Jaya was looking for a break and was delighted when Ekta called her for Mahaabhaarat... The actress is also clear acting in a mythological drama is no big deal. "I don't think playing a mythological role can ever stifle an actor's creativity. On the contrary, it gives one an opportunity to do something different. Unlike the role of Payal that I essay in Kyunki... where I created my own style, it is the newness of the role of Kunti that makes the task more challenging and gives me creative liberty," Jaya opines.

Jaya also has something to tell all those who said making Mahabharat is easy. Jaya's explains, "Unlike other daily soaps, the script of an epic can't be changed. Just because a particular actor doesn't come for the shoot you can't ask another actor to speak his dialogues. Besides, there are constraints that a production house has to face. So even if it looks easy, it is certainly difficult."

Honest enough to admit that she never did any research on Kunti, Jaya is quite candid in stating that she never reads the scripts. "I don't like going to the sets with any pre-conceived notions. Nor do I rehearse at home. I have tried doing this and only made a fool of myself," says the actress.

Ask Jaya about camps being formed in the showbiz industry and she says, "I don't believe in the formation of camps. Smriti and Achint are my close friends. Smriti has reached the stature where she can't say anything openly to anybody, nor can I speak my heart out to everybody. But we can do that to each other because we know we won't blurt the secrets out. We have known each other from the time when she started. We don't talk to each other everyday, we know that we are great friends and always there to help each other out. Even though we haven't been to each other's house more than once or so, we can share our problems. It is the same with Achint too. I know these friends are always there to help me when I need them and so am I always for there for them."

And what about moving from the small screen to the silver screen? Jaya reveals that she has been working on, "Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi, Kalpavriksh and Chal Chalein, to name a few," says the actress.

Kratika Sengar performs Bharatnatyam on `Pavitra Rishta`

Kratika Sengar performs Bharatnatyam on `Pavitra Rishta` New Delhi: Kratika Sengar is all set to showcase her prowess over classical Bharatnatyam in the upcoming Ganesha Chaturthi special episode of ‘Pavitra Rishta’.

"I am performing a classical dance to the song `Man mohini` from `Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam` in Ganesha Chaturthi celebrations in `Pavitra Rishta`. The evocative lyrics and the drama infused by Shankar Mahadevan`s spirited vocal style make this song a personal favourite," said the actress.

Kratika is a trained Bharatnatyam dancer, and loved the experience of shooting for the episode, to be aired on Zee TV, Saturday.

"I had been out of touch with Bharatnatyam, an art form I had trained in for over five years. But given my love for the form and my training, I was able to pick up the steps rather quickly. I loved the way the entire act was choreographed and the look chosen for me. I hope the audience enjoys it just as much," she added.

Kratika`s dance cameo will be seen alongside exciting dance performances by several actors of the channel. Among other performers are actor Gaurav Chopra, Ravi Dubey, Nandish Sandhu, Kinshuk Mahajan and Narayani Shastri.

Evergreen actor Jeetendra will also make an appearance on the show and partake in a an aarti.

The key actors of ‘Pavitra Rishta’ - Hiten Tejwani, Ankita Lokhande, Rithwik Dhanjani and Asha Negi will be seen performing not just dance acts, but will offer prayers to lord Ganesha and perform Ganesha immersion, in this special episode.

I'm happily dead: Sameer

(Sameer Dharmadhikari )
"I enjoyed dying and can call myself happily dead!" Now that's the unlikeliest of things to hear from an actor who exits from a show.
But the King of hearts, Gangadhar Rao of Jhansi Ki Rani i.e. Sameer Dharmadhikari clearly says that he lived his part to the fullest and has no qualms about his ouster. "It's not really an ouster. My character is dead in the show but I still remain a part of it. I will have an imaginary existence for Rani Laxmibai. But my shooting won't be as extensive as before," clarifies Sameer.
Relating to a character from a bygone era may seem doubtful; but   has absolutely no qualms in relating to King Gangadhar Rao from India's pre-independence era. He portrays this little known legend in Zee TV's period drama Jhansi Ki Rani.

Sameer says, "Everyone wants to be treated like a king and somewhere he or she feels like a royal personality in their heart. So even though my character is someone from way back, I don't have a problem relating to him. Dil ka toh Raja main bhi hoon. (I too am a king from way of heart)."

When asked if it was difficult to portray such a rustic character, Sameer says, "Difficult?! No way! Its fun!" Elaborating on the 'fun' he has while portraying his character, he says, "Everyone calls me Maharaj. When I enter the sets all of my colleagues simply shout- Maharaj ki jai ho."

The actor reveals that it was quite difficult to get to know his character deeply because there was hardly any matter exposing the King's personality. He says, "We literally had to hunt for the character. But eventually I got help from some highly intellectual historians who specialized on this certain area of Jhansi."

The historians revealed a lot of interesting facts to the inquisitive actor. Sameer says, "I got to know the clout that this King pulled. The British were actually scared of this King and with him as the ruler had to think several times before attacking Jhansi. Jhansi ki Rani came later. It was this man who laid the foundation of a great kingdom."

Sameer got his long time wish fulfilled with Gangadhar Rao. "I was getting bored doing social dramas and was waiting for a period offer. And I'm so glad I got my hands on one!", he signs off.
Kratika Sengar as Laxmi Bai (65618) size:1280x1024

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