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حوار مع بطل مسلسل هندي ملكة جانسي استاد تاتيا Amit Pachauri

TalkAmit Pachauri who plays the role of Tantya Tope in Ek Veer Stree Ki Kahaani… Jhansi Ki Rani speaks on his experiences in the serial so far
With round-the-clock shooting, historical attire and a profound personality that he converts on the small screen, for Amit Pachauri it feels special and stern each moment as the character takes him to a different era and with patriotic convictions. Playing Tantya Tope in Ek Veer Stree Ki Kahaani…Jhansi Ki Rani, Pachauri says the serial more than anything else depicts the power of a woman and the respect she commands.
In the city to converse about the experience after completing almost 63 episodes of shooting, Pachauri spoke about all the skills he had to imbibe and the wonder kid Ulka Gupta who plays Jhansi Ki Rani. “I have extensively read about Tantya Tope and it is indeed great to play a man who was one of the most commanding warriors of that time. I learnt horse riding, sword fighting and most importantly, postures, to get into the character, whose demeanour I cannot relate to even an inch in my real life,” adds Pachauri, who prefers remaining humorous otherwise.
Currently shooting in Silvasa and having shot in Jaipur and Indore earlier, Pachauri says the five-day-a-week serial on Zee TV is fast catching up. “In fact, people recognize me wherever I go and there is a positive response each time. Moreover, Ulka is one of the best child actors I have ever seen and is very talented. She keeps the spirits high on the sets. While a few shots, such as the one where I am hurt in the leg, took almost 65 takes before we could get it right, others like sword fights and horse riding are relatively easy. However, one important message that we attempt to bring forth is to break the illusion that women are meant to remain in the background. Even in the contemporary world, it is not easily accepted and portraying it through history, we are proving the point that they too can fight and righteously so,” says Pachauri.
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