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ابطال مسلسل هندي الوعد جديد Stars of Kasamh Se

Stars of Kasamh Se

The stars from Ekta Kapoor's TV serial Kasamh Se were at the Dubai Dhow Palace Hotel last week shooting back-to-back episodes. e+ takes you behind the scenes.
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  • The architects of Kasamh Se (from left): Nigar Z Khan, Mayank Sharma, Naman Shaw, Roshni Chopra, Ram Kapoor and Ashwini Kalsekar.
Here is a teaser: Do the names Ram Kapoor, Roshni Chopra and Ashwini Kalsekar ring a bell? No? Okay, let's try again. How about Jai Walia, Pia and Jigyasa?
If you are still clueless, then there is simply no time or space to go into the identification process. But for all those whose buzzers went off when these names were uttered, then we have news for you.
The stars from Ekta Kapoor's television serial Kasamh Se were at the Dubai Dhow Palace Hotel last week shooting back-to-back episodes.

But despite their busy schedule they dedicated a few hours to their ardent fans and the winners of Kasamh Se SMS contest. e+ takes you behind the scenes of the evening and catches up with the stars who made the tale of three sisters, Kasamh Se, alive and kicking.
Ram Kapoor

He is best-known as the desi (Indian) George Clooney. Quiz him about it and he says that the shock of grey hair and his gelled/slicked hairstyle helped him garner the tag.
"Frankly, I just wanted to look the part of a dignified yet formidable tycoon. The resemblance, if any, was sheer coincidence. But it's highly flattering," says Kapoor.
And no wonder the evening saw a bevy of ladies swarming around him.

"My character, Jai Walia, is the quintessential man of substance. He is rich, dignified and honourable. I am glad that I am able to make my mark in a woman-centric serial," he explains.
A graduate of the Stanislavski School Of Method Acting in the United States, Kapoor made his debut in Mira Nair's Monsoon Wedding in an item number.
"Looking back, I have struggled to get where I am. I remember the days when I used to earn Rs1,500 (about Dh150) and now I can easily command over Rs30,000 (about Dh3,000)," he explains.
From films to serials, Kapoor admits that juggling the two is an impossible task.
"If you play the lead in a serial then you are spending more than 14 hours on the sets. So right now films have taken a back seat," he says.
Meanwhile, he harbours fond memories of Dubai.
"I love this cosmopolitan metropolis. It's a great place to shop," he says.
Ashwini Kalsekar

The adage "bad girls have all the fun" must have been tailored keeping Kalsekar's character in mind. This actress who plays Jigyasa, the vicious vamp with no scruples, says she has a ball while on the sets.
"We are like a big family on the sets. Our show Kasamh Se may show fractured relationships among us, but on the sets we are one united lot," she says. Incidentally, Kalsekar who is seen in heavy brocade saris loves to chill out in jeans and a casual tee.
Roshni Chopra

Here is a Dubai girl through and through. Roshni Chopra, who attended Our Own English High School had just one request that evening.
"Please don't confuse me with my character Pia. I am not such a bad girl," she says.
And true to her word, Roshni was pulling out all stops to be the most accessible celebrity that evening. From coddling infants to posing with her ardent fans and accepting good wishes from them, Chopra was in her element.
"It takes some courage to accept a role that had shades of imperfections. But, therein lies the charm of playing the money-minded Pia," says Chopra.
And Chopra is not just a pretty face. A University of Leeds alumnus, Chopra, who began her trek to the glamour industry at the age of five, feels that very often the female lead roles have impossibly perfect characters."Tell how many people you know who are ever-sacrificing and miss goody-two-shoes? My character is more believable,"says Chopra.
On her Dubai connection
"I love Dubai since I have spent some of my best years here. I remember being very popular at school. I was always the first one to enrol for various contests." she says.
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