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ابطال مسلسل هندي الوعد صوار روعة

Lets meet Rano

Nice to meet Rano. She is the sister of the nice Bani and evil piya! She has married twice. The first time her husband was murdered by dont know whom but the accused had been proofed as bani! But thats the twist of the story, bani has been trapped koz she has never murdered the husband of rano! Now rano has got married again and she is actually just like Bani; very kind hearted!

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The youngest sister and is married to Sahil. They have a baby boy names Varun... Now she is married to Ranvir and she

loves him a lot!

Kasam Se Serial

Kasamh Se is a Hindi drama serial produced by Ekta Kapoor and directed by Anil V Kumar. It has been shown since 2006 on Zee Tv Kasamh Se deals with the trials and tribulations of three sisters, Bani, Pia and Rano, and is inspired by the American Novel Litle Women.

Uploaded by Ashgun (393) • 6 years ago
Tags: serial , overall , sisters , bani , pia

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