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معلومات عن رنو بطلة مسلسل الوعد اسمها حقيقي Arunima Sharma.

Arunima Sharma Fan Club!!

Arunima sharma
Dipanita sharma
Guess what. Model-cum-actor Dipannita Sharma (who made her acting debut in 16 December) has her younger sister in showbiz too. No one knows it, but Arunima Sharma, who plays the obedient little sister Rano in Kasamh Se, is Dipannita kid sister.

When asked why she didn't reveal the relationship with the more-famous Dipannita earlier, she says, "It is not that I was keeping the relationship under wraps, it's just that I was not being too expressive about it."

Talking about the bonding they share, Arunima says, "Although she is just two years elder than me, she used to care of me all the time when we were young. I still remember holding her hand and walking to the bus stop with her."

"Although I have been an obedient sister on screen, I am not exactly the same off-screen. Both of us live our lives on our own terms," she adds.

"She holds a special place in my life. She is my best friend, and no one can take her place. Nothing has changed between us except that we don't fight anymore. We are too old for that now," she smiles.

According to Arunima, both she and Dipannita have been strongly influenced by their mother Krishna Sharma, in choosing their careers.

"My mother is a theatre artist and she encouraged us to take up acting," says Arunima. "When Dipannita started acting, I was still in school. I got interested in acting much later. But Dipannita is always a part of whatever I do. She is there to advise me. For instance, she often gives me tips on make-up."

While Dipannita began her career with modelling, Arunima chose to debut with television. "This was not a conscious decision. I was not interested in movies, and I am too short to be a model," she says.

"I don't follow anybody or any trend"

She plays a nerd and a bookworm in Zee's Kasamh Se, but the lady in question is nothing like her onscreen persona. Arunima, who plays Rano in the show, chats up with's Chikita Kukreja.
According to you, what is the true meaning of beauty?
Beauty is being a good person from inside. Outer looks don't matter until one has a pretty soul.

What does trend symbolise?
There is nothing called trend. It's all about comfort and choice.

How much do you go with the statement, "beauty lies in simplicity"?
I completely agree with it. Actual beauty can be recognised only when it's presented simply.

How much time do you get ready?
Not much. I take hardly half an hour.

One accessory you always carry?
My purse.

What would you rather pick up:
Suits or denims
Heels or flats
Glares or contacts
Watches or bracelets
Branded stuff or unbranded

Where do you pick up your clothes from?
Because I am not brand conscious I pick my clothes from anywhere, from Shoppers' Stop to Inorbit to even road side at times.I hardly put on any designer wear. As far as denims are concerned, I love Levis Jeans.

Where do you buy your shoes from?
I love Catwalk shoes.

Who is the trendiest person in the industry?
Saif Ali Khan is one of the trendiest people in the industry. And apart from him, Preeti Zinta and Sushmita Sen are the trendiest ladies in the industry.

Who is the worst dressed personality in the industry?
I haven't noticed any one that badly dressed in the industry. They all take care of how the look and carry themselves.

What sets you apart from the rest in a crowd?
I don't follow anybody or any trend. And this is what sets me apart from the rest.

About Arunima Sharma

Arunima Sharma is most protective about her sisters in the serial Kasam Se, on Sony. She lived in Assam with her family until a desire to pursue further studies got her to Mumbai in 1997. But she got married in the meantime, and her plans changed. Arunima, who claims to be happy-go-lucky, says she is completely impressed with her producer Ekta. "I met her for my character-briefing. When I came out after the meeting, I felt a complete change in me," she exclaims. This seems a really boss-happy bunch!
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