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بطال مسلسل هندي البنات زينت البيت زوج سارفاتي اسم الحقيقي هو Karthik Sabarwal

Karthik Sabarwal offers 'Double Trouble'...

Zee's Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyaan will soon see the return of Bhavishya, the psycho... As the mystery over Ranbir's real identity confuses the audience, we talked to Karthik Sabarwal to get some insight..

Karthik Sabarwal returns as a changed man, Ranbir in Ghar Ki Laxmi Betiyaan. But does this change last for long? The Telly Buzz team got in touch with the actor to know more about his roles as Bhavishya/Ranbir and Prince in Raakhi.
In Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyaan, the current story track shows everybody convinced that the man wanting to marry Durga is Ranbir, with the exception of Saraswathi who is trying to prove he is Bhavishya. Speaking more about his character Kartik says, “I am playing Ranbir in Betiyaan. That’s all I can say about it right now. Bhavishya will return soon but if I reveal anything right now, then it will spoil all the fun. The story is going to get interesting, so watch it.” But will Durga-Ranbir marriage take place? To this, Karthik opines, "Yes, the marriage will take place and from there starts a new twist".
Further adding on his role as Prince in Raakhi, Karthik says, “Rakhi is a very popular serial and has a beautiful storyline. Prince is a middle class boy married to a rich girl. After he gets married to her the storyline changes. I wouldn’t say he becomes negative but yes, he does have a grey shade. He starts to think that since he is married to a rich girl, he need not work. His sister also manipulates him a lot.”
So how does it feel to essay two different roles at the same time? Karthik replies, "It's very exciting and challenging to play two different roles. Playing Bhavishya was tough as it was not a negative role, but a role of a psycho guy. Prince, on the other hand is a very simple and easy going, middle class boy.”
Well, as suspense builds up on whether Ranbir in Betiyaan again turns out be the psycho Bhavishya or not, we wish the actor all the very best!!

A Cameo for Kartik Sabarwal in Sapna Babul Ka.. Bidaai..

Kartik Sabarwal is an actor on the move these days, as he plays a cameo role in Bidaai. The actor who is also seen in Rakhi is slated to make a comeback in Betiyaan too.

Sapna Babul Ka.. Bidaai, the serial which has created history of sorts with the number of cameos being introduced will now see Kartik Sabarwal doing a cameo of a localite of UP, a person who roams idle all day, doing anything and everything for money.

Rajan Shahi, the Producer and Series Director of the serial states, “Cameos in Bidaai have made an entry into the story with a motive and have always been instrumental in pushing the story ahead.” Elaborating more on the cameos, Rajan says, “Cameos always open up a good platform for an actor to do something different, yet complete the role in quick time.”

Talking about his short but eventful performance in Bidaai, the actor Kartik Sabarwal says, “I play Shailendra, the civilized ‘Badmaash’, who enters the life of Sadhna all of a sudden.” Sadhna, the silent sufferer will be put at her Nani’s place, all by herself, during her sister’s marriage, and this is when Shailendra wil stalk on Sadhna in the most weird manner. “He knocks on her door, he sees her thro’ the window, he stands before her on the road, he does everything to make her life miserable”, says Kartik. So is this an extended version of Bhavishya of Betiyaan? “No, this guy is not a psycho; his role is comic too, in the fact that, he scares the life out of the girl and asks a straight question as to why she is scared on seeing him?”

Too many cameos, and yet no male lead introduced in the serial? Rajan Shahi quotes, “No more cameos coming, we will soon be introducing a new family in the serial, which will have the two male protagonists. I cannot divulge much detail as of now.”

Kartik Sabarwal who has delivered top-notch performances as a rapist in Kumkum, a psycho in Betiyaan has probably reserved his best for Bidaai. Rajan opines, “This has to be Kartik’s best performance so far. I am so satisfied that I am contemplating on extending his character.”

This is just the beginning for this fabulous actor, as Kartik is now on course to make a comeback in Betiyaan. If sources are to be believed, he will be appearing as a smart corporate guy Ranbir, a look-alike of Bhavishya. Kartik also plays the soft and charming Prince in the afternoon soap Rakhi, and this just proves the versatility of this hard-working actor!
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