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معلومات وصور عن جميع ابطال مسلسل هندي البنات زينة البيت

Gunjan Walia Gunjan Walia
Role:Lakshmi Garodia
Lakshmi Garodia/Mathur is youngest daughter of Suryakant and Savitri; has the same birthday as Yuvraj; was engaged to Satyakam; Karan's widow
Karan Hukku Karan Hukku
Role:Nikhil Singhania
Nikhil Singhania husband of Jhanvi Garodia
Kshitee Jog Kshitee Jog
She is the eldest daughter who is in love with Kshitij but marries Bhavishya who is a phycopath & he tries to kill her. Saraswati with help of her younger sister Laksmi manages to bring his real face in front of entire world.
Aishwarya Narkar Aishwarya Narkar
Role:Savitri Garodia
Suryakhant's first wife, and mother of the 4 girls. She is very quite and is mostly subdued by her husband. But at times, she stands up for her daughter's rights.
Yatin Karyekar Yatin Karyekar
Role:Suryakant Garodia
Suryakant Garodia words are law in his family. He is married to Savitri and he already has 3 daughters, and he is positively impatient for a boy. He is assured that the next child is going to be a boy, but come Diwali time and a daughter is born, called Lakshmi. Suryakant is absolutely horrified by this, and with the approval of his mother, he re-marries and gets Menka to the house as his second wife.
Tanushree Kaushal Tanushree Kaushal
Role:Menka Garodia
Menka Garodia is the second wife of Suryankant Garodia. She gave birth to a son which Suryankant's 1st wife could not do, so she become more closer to Suryankant.
Jaswir Kaur Jaswir Kaur
She is kotha wali.. Wife of Yuvraj.. Become a wife of Yuvraj to take the whole money in her hand..
Romit Raj Romit Raj
Role:Yuvraj Garodia
The only son of Suryakhant and Menka. He is just like his mom, very selfish, and manipulates situations for his benefit. He cares for no one else except himself. His mother is aware of some of his wrong doings, but keeps quiet abt it. He falls in love with a kotha dancer/prostitute, Kajri. He marries her lying to his family that she is a princess and her name is Pavitra.
Soni Singh Soni Singh
Role:Jhumki Rani
Jhumki Rani is Meneka's actual daughter, raised by Rasik, has same birthday as Yuvraj and Lakshmi. Suryakant and Kshitij find out she is a nautch girl. Rasik sold her to a brothel
Niyati Joshi Niyati Joshi
Niyati is an Orphan, grew up with Ranbir, Yuvraj's second wife, had a miscarraige
Smriti Khanna Smriti Khanna
Smriti plays the character of Durga - the third daughter of the Garodia family. Durga is a calm and composed girl who is facing the trials and tribulations of being a girl child in a orthodox family. Durga is married to Ranbir and is a talented dancer.
Gulfam Khan Gulfam Khan
Role:Rasili Bai
Rasili Bai is Kajri's boss/partner
Rajendra Chawla Rajendra Chawla
Role:Rasik Bai
Meneka's brother, Yuvraj's real dad, murderer of Karan and dad,was jailed
Aleeza Khan Aleeza Khan
2nd oldest daughter of Suryakhant and Savitri. She has a short term memory problem and can't seem to do anything right, but still she loves her sisters ans is very sweet.
Hemant Thatte Hemant Thatte
Role:Kshitij Gandhi
Kshitij Gandhi is Saraswati's first love before marrying Bhavishiya; now Saraswati's second husband; step-father of Saraswati's daughter (Kiran), protagonist.
Suchitra Bandrekar Suchitra Bandrekar
Role:Phulki Behen
Phulki Garodia is the youngest child of Gayatri Baa, Halki's unmarried sister
Nupur Alankaar Nupur Alankaar
Role:Halki Bhen
Halki Bhen is eldest daughter of Gayatri Baa, wife of Hasmukh
Shekhar Shukla Shekhar Shukla
Role:Hasmukh Bhai
Hasmukh Bhai is Halki's husband
Narayani Shastri Narayani Shastri
Role:Damini Verma
Damini Verma is a Saraswati's Lawyer in the case of buring Bhavishya alive
Gaurav Chopra Gaurav Chopra
Role:Kapil Singhania
Kapil Singhania is Damini's ex-husband and opponent
Alka Shlesha Alka Shlesha
Role:Mrs. Verma
Mrs. Verma is Damini's mother
Yash Pandit Yash Pandit
Amit Dolawat Amit Dolawat
Prince/Dev is a helper and a friend to the Garodia family
Gaurav Bajpai Gaurav Bajpai
Sid Makkar Sid Makkar
Role:Satyakaam Kapadia
The only good-hearted member of the Kapadia household. He is in love with Laxmi, even though her family is against their relationship. He cannot stand wrong doings and always stands up for what's right. He and Laxmi faked their marriage so that Laxmi could go to the Kapadia House and help her sister there. He is dead in the serial now..

Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyann Cast

Rohini Hattangadi Rohini Hattangadi
Role:Baa (Gayatri Garodia)
Oldest in the family, and mother of Suryakhant, Halki, and Phulki. Her decision is always final, but she is mostly manipulated by her daughter-in-law, Menka.
Maninee Mihir Mishra Maninee Mihir Mishra
She play the role of Chanchal, who’s a maasi (aunt) to the betiyaan, the daughters of the house. She is a very progressive and educated woman. She wants the girls to groom themselves, become confident and live their life in a positive way.
Neetha Shetty Neetha Shetty
Role:Ex- Gauri
2nd oldest daughter of Suryakhant and Savitri. She has a short term memory problem and can't seem to do anything right, but still she loves her sisters ans is very sweet.
Twinkle Bajpai Twinkle Bajpai
Role:Ex- Lakshmi Garodia
The youngest daughter of Savitri, she is a strong character who knows the difference between right and wrong, she falls in love with Satyakam.
Vikrant Rai Vikrant Rai
Role:Ex- Kshitij Gandhi
He plays a straightforward, dashing youngster in "Maayka - Saath Zindagi Bhar Ka", who is a singer in a club where he is opposite Ms Neha Bamb and Aarti Singh, while in "Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyann" he was a soft, decent and kind hearted youth opposite Kshitee
Yuvvraaj Malhotra Yuvvraaj Malhotra
Role:Karan Mathur
Karan Mathur plays the role of Lakshmi's husband; Kavita and Rahul's brother; antagonist, now protagonist; murdered by Rasik, dead
Yuvraj Mehra
Role:Punit Gandhi
Punit Gandhi as Kshitij's brother
Kartik Sabharwal Kartik Sabharwal
Role:Bhavishya Kapadia
Bhavishya Kapadia eldest son of Dhara and Nekchand; Saraswati's ex-husband
Shishir Sharma Shishir Sharma
Role:Nekchand Kapadia
Dhara's husband, Bhavishya and Satyakam's father, antagonist, was in jail with his wife, bailed out by Kajri
Natasha Rana Natasha Rana
Role:Dhara Kapadia
Dhara Kapadia wife of Neckhand Kapadia, Bhavishya and Satyakam's mother, antagonist, was in jail with her husband, has been bailed out by Kajri.
Chhavi Mittal Chhavi Mittal
Preeti is Bhavishya's old-girlfriend, protagonist, murdered by Bhavishiya, dead
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